Organizing Committees

Preparations are under way for the 22nd International Society of Magnetic Resonance Conference, the 9th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium, the 60th Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan (2021), and the 60th Annual Meeting of the Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology, to be jointly held under the ISMAR-APNMR-NMRSJ-SEST 2021 banner at the Osaka International Convention Center over six days from August 22–27, 2021. ISMAR-APNMR-NMRSJ-SEST 2021 is among the largest international conferences of its kind, and will be attended by around 1,000 front-line researchers in these fields from Japan and abroad, who will hear presentations on basic and applied research in the magnetic resonance domain.

At the 20th ISMAR Conference held in Quebec in 2017, a proposal to host the 2021 conference in Japan was approved, and this prompted the decision to hold a joint conference of related academic societies. Since the first conference in the series took place in Tokyo in 1965, ISMAR conferences have been held biennially in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Australia in turn. In 2021, the ISMAR conference will return to Japan for the first time in 56 years.

In recent years there have been remarkable developments in magnetic resonance methods including nuclear magnetic resonance, electron spin resonance, and imaging. In fundamental fields such as physics, chemistry, and life sciences, research results spanning a wide range of scales from the atomic and molecular levels to the entire human body have made significant contributions to society through applications including molecular structure analysis and MRI diagnosis. It should be noted that, more than 70 years since the discovery of the magnetic resonance phenomenon, advances in the magnetic resonance field still continue as science and technology advance in a broad range of fields including materials, chemistry, and life sciences. Many innovative technologies have been developed, including hyperpolarization and single-spin measurement, and the scope of magnetic resonance application continues to grow in areas such as drug design, medical treatment, and materials development. In this highly dynamic environment, ISMAR, the Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan, and the Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology will collaborate, pool their strengths, and strive to make ISMAR-APNMR-NMRSJ-SEST 2021 a forum that will spark further developments in magnetic resonance research in academic and industrial spheres.

In light of diverse developments in magnetic resonance over recent years, we hope that this joint conference will encourage participation by academic and industrial researchers and engineers working in the widest possible range of related fields both in Japan and abroad, as well as the next generation of young researchers, including students, who will shape the future of magnetic resonance. We also hope that interaction with researchers at the forefront of global magnetic resonance developments will offer the ideal opportunity to sense the wonder of lively research activity in this field. We extend a warm invitation to attend this joint conference in Osaka and make the most of the valuable opportunities it presents.

Toshimichi Fujiwara
Chair, Organizing Committee for the 22nd International Society of Magnetic Resonance
Akira Naito
Chair, Organizing Committee for the 9th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium
Masato Katahira
Organizer, 60th Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan (2021)
Ikuko Akimoto
Chair, Organizing Committee for the 60th Annual Meeting of the Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology

International scientific program committee for the 2021 ISMAR

  • Stephan Grzesiek (Chair)
  • Ikuko Akimoto
  • Elena Bagryanskaya
  • Lucia Banci
  • Lynette Cegelski
  • David Craik
  • Jiangfeng Du
  • Toshimichi Fujiwara
  • Masato Katahira
  • Igor Koptyuk
  • Weontae Lee
  • Anne Lesage
  • Michal Leskes
  • Malcolm Levitt
  • Ping-Chiang Lyu
  • Hassane Mchaourab
  • Carlos Meriles
  • Klaas Prüssmann
  • Monika Schoenhoff
  • Mark Sherwin
  • Nagaraja Rao Suryaprakash
  • Lawrence Wald

ISMAR Executive Committee

  • Robert Tycko
  • Stephan Grzesiek
  • Alexej Jerschow
  • Rachel Martin
  • Daniella Goldfarb

APNMR Council Member

  • Ho Sup Yoon
  • Weontae Lee
  • Hanudatta Atreya
  • Masatsune Kainosho
  • Yangmee Kim
  • Mali Liu
  • Ping-Chiang Lyu
  • Suryaprakash Nagarajarao
  • Raymond Norton
  • Martin Scanlon
  • Ichio Shimada
  • Daiwen Yang
  • Mingjie Zhang

NMRSJ Council Member

  • Makoto Demura
  • Toshimichi Fujiwara
  • Takahisa Ikegami
  • Yutaka Ito
  • Masato Katahira
  • Koichi Kato
  • Gota Kawai
  • Takanori Kigawa
  • Daisuke Kohda
  • Chojiro Kojima
  • Ichio Shimada
  • Kiyonori Takegoshi
  • Kaori Wakamatsu
  • Yasuhiko Yamamoto

SEST Council Member

  • Hiroshi Hirata
  • Tadaaki Ikoma
  • Osamu Inanami
  • Akio Kawai
  • Yasuhiro Kobori
  • Kiminori Maeda
  • Kazuhiro Marumoto
  • Hiroyuki Mino
  • Toshikazu Nakamura
  • Ikuo Nakanishi
  • Hiroyuki Nojiri
  • Hitoshi Ohta
  • Kazunobu Sato
  • Kunihiko Tajima
  • Kenichi Yamada

Local Organizing Committee

  • Hitoshi Ohta (Chair)
  • Koichi Kato
  • Akira Naito
  • Masato Katahira
  • Chojiro Kojima
  • Toshikazu Nakamura
  • Toshiaki Arata
  • Ikuko Akimoto