Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsorship Information

ISMAR-APNMR2021 offers many sponsoring opportunities that will position your company to appeal to the participants before, during and after the conference.

Sponsors may choose a sponsorship option, each offering effective value-added benefits and sponsor recognition. Consult a member of the Organizing Committee to select the sponsorship level and opportunities that meet your sales and brand objectives.

*November 30, 2020: Sponsorship Prospectus has been updated and replaced.

The exhibition will be held online. The following information will be posted on each exhibitor's webpage. Also participants can visit the exhibitors’ booth on Remo and talk with the exhibitors during the mixing time slot.

  • Company name
  • Corporate logo
  • Company introduction
  • PR video (1 file for 2-3 minutes, in mp4 format. There is no specification for the presence or absence of audio.)
  • Product brochure PDF (up to about 5 files)
  • Links of corporate websites, emails, SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.) if desired